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1. Exceptional Insulator & Energy Saver

Some building materials such as steel, inorganic materials which are non-combustible, expand when heated which can weaken and collapse the structure. Wood reacts in an almost opposite manner to this. When heated (not excessively to a combustible temperature of course), wood dries and actually becomes even harder.

2. Quick to Build: Saves Money

When compared with brick, stone or concrete, wood constructions certainly do save time, and inherently with that come savings in labour. This is especially applicable in harsh weather conditions such as heavy rain, snow and icy conditions, where wood construction can continue without hindrance.

Wood-framed houses enable easy modifications during and after the building process and it’s because of the ease, versatility and cost effectiveness which makes it such a popular and inexpensive choice. Insulated concrete form homes (ICF) can be costly, troublesome and time consuming to alter post build.

3. Environmentally friendly

Houses made from trees are sustainable, renewable and environmentally friendly. Did you know that wooden structures absorb and store atmospheric CO2 and that wood, even taking into account haulage, is carbon neutral (in fact, it’s the only carbon neutral construction material).

4. Aesthetically Acrobatic

With over 5000 different woods to choose from, there is absolutely going to be something that’ll suit ones construction or design desires. Some woods are ideal for insulation, some for acoustics, grain, color, appearance, and others for structural frames, walls, floors, ceilings and furniture.

Wood can be painted in any color and can be waxed and varnished which’ll brandish its natural finesse. It can be carved, cut, glued and nailed.

Wood is so versatile and aesthetically delightful, the only limit to what one can make with it is restricted by ones imagination.

5. Safe, Light, Sturdy & Durable

One of the many reasons why wood is still used today, despite huge strides in engineering excellence, is its durability weight and safety. Wood has a little bit of give in it which means it can bend slightly, which is a property which bricks don’t have.

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